Benefits of Our Climbing Walls

Customized Climbing Walls Built to Last

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Outdoor Escape is the only manufacturer of artificial rock climbing walls in the state of Texas. With the exception of our standardized climbing and traverse walls, all of our installations are site-specific and completely customized - no two are alike. Inspired by true forms from the outdoors, our climbing walls are filled with natural hand and foot holds. We pride ourselves on building climbing walls integrated with their surroundings and environments, whether indoor or outdoor.

How Our Superior Climbing Wall Designs Will Benefit You in the Long Run

While every design is custom, a number of Outdoor Escape design features come standard to ensure we deliver safe and long-lasting climbing walls.

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  1. Advanced materials protect your investment from rotting wood, hammered T-nuts, and textured paint reapplications. All steel construction and pressure shot fiber reinforced concrete surfaces make our climbing walls very durable and maintenance free, saving you money over the lifetime of your climbing wall.
  2. The framing, substrate lathe, handhold tab placements, floor anchors, and belay anchors are all manufactured in house by our professional metal working team which operates from our controlled manufacturing facility, giving us maximum quality control.
  3. We can fabricate customized belay bars to maximize rope life and increase the amount of terrain that can be protected by a single bar.
  4. All our climbing walls are specially manufactured with steel tabs that are welded to the frame, which eliminates the maintenance headache of repairing loose and broken T-nuts. (NO T-NUTS means no more spinning holds which ultimately saves you time and money!).
  5. We give your climbing wall a unique and realistic color scheme by utilizing a specialized staining process which mimics the colors found in nature.
  6. We have the fastest on-site assembly time in the industry. After completing the fabrication process of all parts and components of the climbing wall at our Houston, TX based workshop, we proceed to ship the parts to the job-site where our experienced and professional installation team will handle the final assembly in a fraction of the time it used to take to build climbing walls. This in-house approach gives us full control over our product from start to finish.
  7. We can provide complete training, development for your staff, and consultation for proper management of your new climbing wall.

Have more questions about our climbing wall designs? Call us at (281) 948-6298 to speak with an Outdoor Escape staff member. Request a Quote for Outdoor Escape to design a custom climbing wall system or centerpiece for your facility.